Student Committee

DPS Whitefield has an active Student Council which works parallel to the teaching staff in the day to day functions of the school. The council members look after the discipline, organizing of events, celebrations, competitions, etc.

The members of the Student Council are elected through nomination and fair polling. Once the members are elected, the Pro-Vice Chairman of the school, Ms Annabelle Manwaring honours them with their badges. The members then take the oath of allegiance and responsibility.

Head Boy

Devansh Shukla
Class XI

head Boy - Devansh Shukla

Head Girl

Sanaa Shah
Class XI

Head Girl- Sanaa Shah

Sports Captain

Rohith Jaiswal
Class XI

Sports Captain Rohil Jaiswal

Sports Vice- Captain

Kevin George Alexander
Class IX A

Sports Vice-captain - Kevin Alexander Varghese

Cultural Secretary

Tanishi Gahtori
Class X

Cultural Secretary - Tanishi Gehtori  (1)