Pre-primary Curriculum

“Neuroscientists have now confirmed that the brain’s biggest growth spurt draws to a close around the age of ten”

- A Child’s Brain – Time magazine

Fifty percent of the ability to learn is developed in the first four years of the life. By the age of eight, another thirty percent of the learning happens. Keeping in view these facts, we at DPS Whitefield, have designed our pre-primary curriculum which is an amalgamation of the conventional, Montessori and integrated learning systems on the foundations of the Multiple Intelligence concept. We believe that it is important for every child to absorb in his/her own capacity and to attain this successfully, any suitable methodology can be implemented.

We facilitate the child to tap his/her unique potential and excel to the desired levels. Circle time, rhyme time, story time, reading time, learning through audio – visual aids, field trips and celebrations are some of the fun filled ways of learning. These are the tools we use for the all-round development of the child. It is the foundation that strengthens the abilities of the child to take up the challenges of the higher grades and be able to carve a niche for himself in the larger world.


The primary classes are the backbone of our school as they are the biggest group of students in our

school. They are also the most important as they are the students whom we can nurture and mould

to deliver our best results in future.

We follow the CBSE syllabus in a strict yet child friendly way which incorporates every tool for the

holistic development of the child. A proper balance between academics and co-curricular activities

helps the children to approach school life with interest and enthusiasm.

Middle School

DPS Whitefield adheres to the CBSE curriculum. It is contextual and flexible based on the principles of Multiple Intelligence. It is designed to develop the rationale and analytical faculties of young children. The curriculum is interspersed with co-scholastic and extra-curricular activities to make the children discover themselves and learn through exploration and discovery.

High School

The high school curriculum aims at conceptual clarity as the children are being prepared for the CBSE Board exams. All activities and assessments are done as per the CBSE curriculum.

Teachers handle each subject with utmost care focussing on individual attention and differentiated learning. A well planned academic program, supported by meaningful activities like Yoga, compulsory and specialized sport, performing arts, dramatics and special assemblies leads to transforming the child into an equipoised individual.

Since, the high school is also the threshold for choosing a specific stream in future, career counselling is done to help children channelize their aim and be able to select the right stream in their Secondary level.

Inclusive Education

In order to stand by its commitment of inclusive education and provide education to one and all, DPS Whitefield has engaged the services of Endeavor Extended Learning Services to support children with alternate needs. Endeavor ELS has been associated with DPS Whitefield since the last three years to provide special education and counselling support within the stipulated school timings.

During the span of these three years, we have been able to extend support from children with specific learning challenges to children with more intensive needs such as, children on the spectrum of Autism disorders, Down’s Syndrome, Developmental Delays and Global Learning Disorders. Based upon the referral of class teachers and subject teachers, Endeavor ELS takes up the screening of children for learning challenges as well as behavioural issues.

The support is then extended in the form of recommendations, follow-ups, remedial sessions or counselling sessions, as deemed suitable.
The staff members of Endeavor ELS on the campus of DPS Whitefield are

Ms Nidhi Agrawal

Ms Sangeeta

Ms Kabita Saha